Le Groupe Xtreme: More than a Simple Transportation Service !
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    General and
    Specialized Transport

    General Transport : Supported by a team of outstanding qualified professionals and dispatchers, our general transport service draws on a reliable network to help you save time and money. You can ship your goods in all confidence across Canada, the United States and Mexico, and this, 24/7. Take advantage of our 24-48 hour pickup guarantee.

    Specialized Transport : Our specialized transport service offers you a vast range of trailers that can be adapted to your needs to carry non standard or oversize/overweight goods, in keeping with regulations and your deadlines.

    General Transport Specialized Transport
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    Xtreme International has the requisite expertise and a vast network of certified partners across Canada, the United States and Mexico needed to obtain the best quotes and yields for the delivery of your goods. With several delivery options to choose from, our task is to facilitate and coordinate your company's different types of transport, and to work at quickly resolving any problem that may arise. Always proactive and in tune with the market, our team provides you with cutting-edge technology that lets you know the location of your goods, at all times. Indeed, because we developed such a flexible system and efficient networks, we are able to offer premium service quality and safety. Take advantage of our 24-48 hour pickup guarantee, and this, across Canada, the United States and Mexico.

    • 24-hour Pickup Guarantee across CAN/USA/MEX
    • Automated Tracking/Traceability System
    • 24/7 Emergencies
    • Competitive Rates
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    By devising collaborating strategies to manage your exportations and importations, we help your company refine its trade exchanges. Having an overview of the procedures and yields, we can oversee all phases of the operations abroad and ensure a rigorous tracking, to your full satisfaction.

    Xtreme International Freight Forwader enables you to go faster and further by providing you with the necessary expertise, experience and added value which contribute to the success of your company. Take advantage of our consulting service to find out the steps to take and traps to avoid when shipping goods, based on their nature, destination, origin, regulations in country concerned, transport methods, and payments.

    • Ocean
    • Air
    • Land
    • Railway
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    Transshipment and Storage

    Through our expertise in consolidation and our competitive rates we can reduce your operating expenses and easily coordinate your import and export activities. And you can be certain that we will ensure proper handling of your goods during transshipment transfer activities. To optimize your activities, we also provide a safe storage space of over 125,000ft2. Call us today to find out more about our additional services.