General Transport

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General Transport

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Transport of all types LTL and TL

With an impressive fleet of vehicles, our cross-border truck transportation services operate all across Canada, the United States and Mexico. Thanks to our expertise, we can meet all of your requests and reduce your operating expenses. Whatever the type of goods, our equipment can handle the shipment of your freight, problem-free.

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  • Types of General Transport

    Dry Box

    ViaVal Transport has the required equipment and a vast range of trailers to ensure safe shipment of your goods while meeting regulations and deadlines. Choose from among our 53 ft. Dry Box vans, 53 ft. Reefers, Curtain-side/roll-tite trailers, small trucks and Tailgates for all your delivery needs.

  • Types of General Transport


    Shipping perishable goods is not a simple task. Our experienced team draws on all of its skills to guarantee the quality of the goods upon their receipt. Thanks to our temperature control system, we can provide transportation, at the required temperature, at all times. In addition, the entire cargo is sheltered from the elements and locked, thereby enhancing safety.

  • Types of General Transport


    Our heated transport options are equipped for long trips and adaptable to all standards to maintain your goods at the required temperature and thereby guarantee product quality. The entire cargo is sheltered from the elements and locked, thereby offering better security.

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  • The Way We Work

    Extensive Knowledge of Client Needs

    Because the success of a delivery depends, first and foremost, on proper planning, being aware of all of the factors involved in the shipment to deliver is essential. To this end, our qualified team will ask you to fill out a simple questionnaire so that we may understand your needs and meet them as efficiently as possible. Thanks to this crucial step, we will be able to offer you the best option to ship your goods.

  • The Way We Work

    Choosing the Type of Transport

    Type of goods, destination, deadlines, required equipment, etc. Many factors have an impact on the type of service required! You can rest assured that our experienced team will at all times offer you the best options in accordance with your needs.

  • The Way We Work

    Roadway Planning

    Since logistics are our speciality, our experienced dispatchers are committed to offering you an outstanding service. With an impressive fleet of vehicles, network of partners and reliable data system, we seamlessly manage the coordination of your goods.

  • The Way We Work

    Traceability System and Automated Tracking

    We use the latest technology to track the shipments of your goods, in real time. We send you weekly updates, at a twice-daily rate, for your peace of mind.

  • The Way We Work


    The end result having been met, your goods have finally reached their destination intact and on the expected date. We are in charge of providing you with all the receipts, bills, certificates of origin and valid import and export licences for your goods and are responsible of keeping the records, submitting declaration documents and obtaining the release for imported goods.

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The Benefits of Doing Business with Us

  • 24/7 Emergencies

  • Across Canada / United States

  • Automated Tracking

  • Traceability System

  • Competitive Rates

  • Customized Service

Our Equipment

Whatever the goods to transport, we have the required equipment.

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