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Thanks to our expertise in consolidation, we can reduce your expenses and easily coordinate your import/export activities. Furthermore, you can be certain we will ensure proper handling of your goods during transshipment transfer activities. To optimize your activities, we also provide a safe storage space of over 125,000 ft2. Call us today to find out more about our additional services.

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    Consolidation consists in grouping several individual shipments to move them to their final destination. Xtreme manages the process flexibly and devises strategies using the proper procedures so that all of your shipments arrive intact and complete at their destination. Our mission is to find the best solutions to help you save time and money.

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    The transshipment of goods consists in unloading freight from one transport method and loading it onto another, in view of moving the goods to their final destination. Our quick and efficient transshipment service includes inspection and storage of goods, as well as, rigorous tracking of its movement in real time, to which you have a weekly access.

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    For more peace of mind, store your goods in transit during short periods at our secure warehouse of over 125,000 ft2. Reduce your operation expenses and focus your energies on your company's main activities by entrusting us with the management and storage of your goods. Our warehouse is strategically located on Montreal's North Shore, at the intersection of highways 15 and 640.


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It's a strategy aimed at simplifying your shipping needs. The main advantage of consolidation is a lower cost. We manage the tracking of your goods as well as additional operations to offer the peace of mind you need. Though this option can take a bit longer, it's an ideal method to ship regular goods.

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